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Bloombla is...

Bloombla is a free, easy-to-use yet powerful storytelling tool that helps you collect, manage and share your life experiences with others. Tell your stories, upload your pictures, and share it all with friends and family. Our unique structured platform gives us the ability to then connect your stories with people that share similar interests and experiences. Make Your mark.

What is a Bloom

A Bloom is a title describing something you have done in your life. This can be anything you like, something memorable, something important, or just something as simple as I've had a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Have a look at a few examples below.

I've been to Barcelona Spain

How do I add a Bloom

There are 2 main ways you can add a bloom to your life. One is by entering a sentence in the above input box or by clicking on the Done it! button. It's that simple.

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What's my Bloom Page

Your Bloom page is a dedicated page for your story. You can personalise it by adding pictures, people who where with you and your story. Once you've customized your story you can then share it with friends on Facebook, Digg it or add it to delicious.

What are Connections

Connections are people in the world that have done the same things as you. You can build connections with people across the globe by just filling in your timeline and adding Blooms.

Things in common
I've been to France
I've snowboarded in Italy
I've had an operation
I've see the movie Juno
I've lived in Sydney, Australia
I've gone to see the Eiffel Tower
I've been to Whistler Vancouver
Friends in common

Friends & Facebook Friends

You can easily follow all your friends stories and new blooms by quickly importing your Facebook friends. This adds all your friends and no need to find them.

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