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Erika Cruvinel

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Hello! This is erikacruvinel's life on Bloombla.

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  • Dec 28  2010

    I've found out I am pregnant again

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    I have just found out that I am pregnant and my fa... erikacruvinel uploaded 3 photos 0 were there 4ae60c97bba65f754b3900b4c1c9fd49a5a46eff A59b28e2bf5266a98de8501a4880b396ee8cd597
  • Dec 28  2010

    I've loved to buy hats all my life

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    I love hats! I just can't resist trying on a new h... erikacruvinel uploaded 4 photos 0 were there 92dcbbd179ead5845ecd48c293d01d6b1158f208 31cf659481e641b63a2fe21a47783a07e8948927
  • Dec 23  2010

    I've joined the website Bloombla

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  • Dec 23  2010

    I've worked as an English teacher for 11 years

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    I have worked as an EFL teacher for 11 years. I te... erikacruvinel uploaded 1 photos 0 were there Cf1108fd49baf16f2c89be3c19e43796952c0c35
  • Dec 23  2010

    I've met a lot of people from all over the world

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    I have met fabulous people from many parts of the ... erikacruvinel uploaded 5 photos 1 were there 20b74d0c7a15968cc469399722bc435d5abc22ce E2d1f851bf1a215f4c9b85ab8aaa6e95d4efdd0d
  • Sep 24  2010

    I've changed a lot since my son was born

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    My first son was born in 1999. He is a teenager no... erikacruvinel uploaded 4 photos 0 were there 412ec2ce7a9cd7ce797c3a999c3b5a794574f4f4 2e561aa81796c35369389079ffcd8e5b7f82beba