Getting the hang of Blooming... Welcome to bloombla

  1. Step 1: Pick a word from the drop down of box 1
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  3. Step 3: Share with the world anything you like in box 3
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  • You have both done this
  • Add it to your life
    • I've been to Cannes film festival
    • I've had a pizza in Rome, Italy
    • I've snowboarded in Whistler, Canada
    • These have structure and details. You can then add your story of course.
    • I've met the person Bernie
    • I've slept in a bed
    • I've stayed in a hotel on the 6th of May
    • Too basic and if its something everyone has done it wont give you great connections.

Bloom places you've been to. Bloom stuff you've learnt. Bloom things that have happened to you. Bloom your achievments Bloom a funny story that has happened to you. Bloom movies you've watched. Bloom events you've attended. Bloom yesterday, Bloom last year Bloom bloom bloom...