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All these people have swum in the Mediterranean ...

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  • Luzifer Bloom Page
    I am a performer and getting around a lot between Europe and Orient. But life as an artist often means I don't see much of a city except airport / railway station, hotel, backstage, stage, and perhaps a club.
    So I take care for any gig to give me at least half an hour to slip out and get in touch with nature. If it happens to be a city on a beach, then I try to get into the sea or ocean. (Bathing is additional luxury: LUZIFER works with a lot of pyro, I am spitting fire myself, and so I am usually covered with oil after a gig.)

    Last time was at the Cannes Film Festival. Luckily Cannes is not much more than La Croisette, an Avenue along the Cote d'Azur. So I just had to borrow a car and drive a few kilometres. It already was night. I just got out of my costume and started running naked through the gravel, until the Mediterranean swallowed me.

    For some ten minutes it was just me and her and the sky above us. Wow!

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