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  • SuperSumoYakuza Bloom Page
    Well, "featured" is perhaps a bit of a stretch, but I've been in Wired's print magazine twice.

    The first time was for a CD Rom that I made back in the first year Wired was published. The article was entitled "CD ROMs That Suck", so I guess they didn't like it. 8^) The CD ROM was a Mac/PC dual boot disc called "Dr. Tomorrow's Cyberspace University", and it featured Frank Ogden, Canadian Futurist from Vancouver, BC. It was never made for a technically sophisticated audience, quite the opposite in fact. It was made for old people who find technology daunting. The publisher decided to send it to Wired, they hated it, and so my product was immortalized in those hallowed pages. Any publicity is good publicity.

    The second time was a photo credit for some media coverage I did of the National Electric Drag Racing Championships in Woodburn, Oregon just a couple of years ago.

    Not really a magazine, but I was photographed and written about as an authority on personal electric vehicles by the New York Times a couple of years ago as well.

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