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All these people have eaten in a Korean Restaurant ...

Their stories

  • anton

    "NY Korean was different"

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    Here I have a couple of pics from a Korean restaurant we went to in NY. The food was good and that green pepper I'm holding was right before I bit off the end. To my surprise it wasn't spicy at all so my girl friend took the next bite.

    Turns out just the end wasn't spicy but the rest was red hot.
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  • lotta

    "Korean food"

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    I used to eat Korean food all the time while studying in China. The BBQ is amazing and since I didn't eat much fresh vegetables that year it was a nice change to eat the BBQ meat with fresh lettuce leaves. Bibimpa and seafood pancakes are another two favourites.

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  • D3eb873b9b52f0d5ad2f52191096e7346ad5a542
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