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All these people have lived in Earl's Court, London ...

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  • anton Bloom Page
    Seems like Earl's Court is the first stop for most people that come to London. I first stayed in a dodgy hostel with 3 bunk beds crammed into a little room. All room mates smoked week pretty much all day. Then 2 weeks later I found a place of my own.

    Just around the corner from the big Tesco it was a studio the size of a cupboard but I did have a garden. My neighbor was a crazy SA dude that collected pet snakes and the guy above me never left his flat in 10 years. Most likely he was on drugs. All in all the flat has many problems so I had a handy man that practically lived with me.

    He used to watch my tv and I'd see him most days when I got back home. It was a crazy first year in London and 6 years later I'm still here.

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