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  • lotta Bloom Page
    In 2007 my best friend and I decided to travel around in nothern India for a few weeks. We deicded that we were going to rough it and only had 6 kilos of luggage each, a guide book for India and a flight ticket into Calcutta and outbond flight from New Dehli three weeks later.

    Our family thought we were a bit crazy for not booking a hotel but we saw no problems with it and rather spend the night at the airport than taking a tuk tuk into town to a dodgy hostel in the middle of night. The reasons for not booking in advance I can't remember but it might have just been bad planning. So we found a comfy, round sofa that we shared with some fellow Swedes that we met, who obviously had the same thinking as us, and probably some lice.

    I don't recommend this but this follow our ordinary travel routines to rough it in the beginning of the trip and then splashing it out at the end.

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